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A Report On Saki Chi Toyoda - 2577 Words

Saki-chi Toyoda was the one who laid the foundation of the massive international company known as TOYOTA today. He was born on 14 February, 1867. Toyoda was grown up in a poor family and his father worked as a carpenter, but he later known as the â€Å"King of Japanese Inventors.† He is also believed to be the person behind â€Å"Japanese industrial revolution†. He invented automatic loom and invested all his money to create the Toyota Motor Company. Japanese government gave much support for creation for this company Early years of company: The first engine was successfully made in 1934, and the first car and truck were manufactured in 1936. In the beginning the company focused on the production of trucks only. Then there was built (Toy pet) Toyota†¦show more content†¦Toyota has become the largest car manufacturer in Asia and second largest producer. Toyota stands in row of those three Asian manufacturers who have competed US producers on world markets. Company’s products are sold under the names Toyota, Scion and Lexus. Toyota also owns stake in Daihatsu and Hino, and 8.7% of Fuji Heavy Industries, manufacturer of Subaru cars. Toyota has contributed to the markets of US, Europe, Africa and specially Australia. Factories of Toyota are spread around the globe where process of production and assembling are conducted for the local markets. The manufacturing plants of Toyota are located in Japan, USA, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Indonesia, Poland, Brazil, most recently t hose in Pakistan, India, Czech Republic, Mexico, Malaysia, Argentina , Thailand, China and Venezuela. Business strategy of Toyota in international markets: Toyota’s international strategies for international markets are reshaped by Japanese specialists to meet the demands of international markets to get the desired results. The reason why the Company has attained such status is that Japanese believe there is nothing in the world which could not be improved so they keep on working hard to make the previous product better. Toyota lays heavy emphasis on quality, quantity and competitiveness. The strategy of Toyota revolves around high quality product new innovative techniques, safety and to make

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Essay about The Role of Women in the American Civil War

When the American Civil War began on April 12th, 1861, over 3 million Union and Confederate soldiers prepared for battle. Men from all over America were called upon to support their side in the confrontation. While their battles are well documented and historically analyzed for over a hundred years, there is one aspect, one dark spot missing in the picture: the role of women in the American Civil War. From staying at home to take care of the children to disguising themselves as men to fight on the battlefield, women contributed in many ways to the war effort on both sides. Though very few women are recognized for their vital contributions, even fewer are The women during the war felt an obligation to assist in one form or another. Many†¦show more content†¦Mrs. Gordon Example (Confederate Wife) Union and Confederate generals brought their wives either because they longed for their company or the wives determination to accompany their husbands could not be ignored. I wish the Yankees would capture Mrs. Gordon and hold her till this war is over (Volo 170). Hawks (Union Nurse) Esther Hill Hawks, M.D. is one of the many women that decided to stay away from the battlefields in order to support the Union Army. She and her husband were well to do doctors that worked in a hospital that took in and cared for black soldiers. On one day Hawks was to expect over five hundred wounded soldiers. Two severe amputations today neither surviving but a few hours. One of these, a boy hardly 20 years old, Charley Reason formerly a slave, but of late years resident in Syracuse NY., I have taken a great interest in; he is such a noble looking fellow, and so uncomplaining (Hawks 51). I know what I am fighting for, only a few years ago I ran away from a man in Maryland who said he owned me and since then Ive worked on a farm in Syracuse but as soon as the government would take me I came to fight, not for my country, I never had any, but to gain one (Hawks 51). Sally Louise Tompkins (Confederate Nurse) Sally Louise Tompkins, of Virginia, was 28 years old when the Civil War broke out. At the time Tompkins was an established nurse and philanthropist. She feltShow MoreRelatedThe Civil War: Changing Roles of African Americans and Women2269 Words   |  10 PagesLopez, Robert Gillis-Smith, Beth English M01A The Civil War: Changing Roles Of African Americans And Women There were several events that lead to the American Civil War. The Northern states wanted African Americans to be free from slavery, while the Southern states wanted to continue owning them. The Northern states didn’t need slaves for their economy to thrive, as opposed to the Southern states, where their economy relied heavily on the slave’s free labor. Both sides also arguedRead More The Important Role of Confederate Women in the American Civil War3397 Words   |  14 PagesThe Important Role of Confederate Women in the American Civil War Women in the Confederacy had a great impact on the Civil War. They were thrown into totally different lifestyles--ones that did not include men taking care of the land and other businesses. Women had more control of their lives than ever before. Some took it upon themselves to get involved directly with the war while others just kept the home fires burning. Whatever roles they played, women contributed a multitude of skills toRead MoreWomens Roles: Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War by Drew Gilpin Faust1261 Words   |  6 PagesMothers of Invention: Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War by Drew Gilpin Faust chronicles the transition of women’s roles and attitudes in the South during the Civil War. The work of Faust does not only deal with the roles of women but also the changing attitudes of men in relation to the status of women in the South. The war itself was integral in the transformation of women and would bring about these c hanges for the better but would be painful for many who were raisedRead MoreThe Civil War : The United States909 Words   |  4 PagesThe Civil War was one of the most pivotal and significant moments in the history of the United States of America. Therefore, its impact of the Civil War was tremendous, and in many ways has shaped the way the United States has evolved into the present. The Civil War brought lots of beneficial changes to America including economic, agriculture, military, and people’s lives. During the Civil War, women stepped out of their domestic domains to help or support their husbands in the field, or other soldiersRead MoreWomen in Civil War1004 Words   |  5 PagesWomen, Slaves, and Free Blacks in the Civil War What roles did the Northern women play in the war effort on the Union side during the Civil War? What roles did the Southern women play in the war effort on the Confederate side during the Civil War? How did the war affect each group? â€Å"There were just shy of 400 documented cases of women who served as soldiers during the Civil War, according to the records of the Sanitary Commission.† (Brown, 2012) Women during the 19th century, according toRead MoreWomen Of The Civil War1553 Words   |  7 PagesWomen of the Civil War The Civil War is a very important part of American history – simply put, it determined what kind of nation the United States would be. The Civil War resolved whether the United States is what determined the survival of the Union or whether the Confederacy would gain independence. It is the battle that determined whether the largest slaveholding country in the world would continue to exist as such since it thrived on the fundamental idea that â€Å"all men are created with an equalRead MoreMajor Causes And Consequences Of The American Civil War1443 Words   |  6 PagesSeptember 2015 1). Historical Causation (Cause and Effect): CE Explain the major causes and consequences of the American Civil War. In general, the American Civil War is thought to have started mostly because of a discrepancy on how to handle slavery. The difference in opinion is most likely a result of political, economic, and religious tension within the country. Before a civil war was even thought about, southern leaders spoke of freeing their slaves and many predicted the demise of slavery dueRead MoreThe Civil War And American History890 Words   |  4 Pages In American History many significant events took place that reflected religious faith of multiple Americans and has shaped the world we live in today. Throughout the 1800s, the most memorable times in America took place throughout the Civil War. Events that escalated before, during and even following the Civil War resulted in a chain of reactions from many people within that period. After analyzing the events of the Civil War, I was able to draw a connection to the actions of the soldiers, womenRead MoreThe War On The Home Front1112 Words   |  5 Pa geson the home front. Those two events were WWII and the Cold War. Civil rights, the cultural norms, and society at large, had changed greatly during a short amount of time due to these events. The United States was fight a war on two fronts, both at home and overseas. The wars overseas had great influence and impact on the successes that would come over time on the home front. Without these wars and times of trials and tribulations, the civil rights movement and society as a whole, would most likelyRead MoreWomen During The Civil War1049 Words   |  5 PagesFor Civil War women in the 1860s it was predictable wisdom that a â€Å"woman’s place is in the home,† but the Civil War challenged this view. There were many women who played an important role in the Civil War. It is normal to think the Civil War was a man’s fight. However during the war, many women challenged the role of the women and took on different roles. While the men marched off to war, the women h ad to work hard and try to provide for their families. Women became doctors, spies, nurses, couriers

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Restoration Acidified Eutrophied Rich Fens -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Restoration Acidified Eutrophied Rich Fens? Answer: Introduction For a software organization, the Life Cycle of Software Development always follows specific software that enhances, maintain, develop, replace or otherwise alter. This will improve the quality of the software to develop the whole process. For any kind of application or product development, the most important thing is to choose exactly the right type of model. In any IT project todayagile methodology aims to develop technology with a fast-change. The development of the agile software increaseswith the number of companies. In the same way the local and reputed business of Australian organizationsoftware, follow the similar trends. The methodology of the agile process uses integration that is continuous and iterative or uses a planning phase(Abrahamsson et al. 2017). By using this methodology with collaborative measures, the customer satisfaction will be increase. However, for the software organization, development methodology of agile in combination with the project of traditional mana gement is more feasible and preferable. To support the evidence for Client A,a case study been done to adopt the new agile methodologyof the software development(Zahedi, Shahin Babar 2016, pp.995-1019). There are various area that provide software solutions to company that focus on the outsourcing firm.There were expertise who delivers development in website and applications in the mobilethat are mainly from the Asian nations, Australia and United States(Usman 2016).In all the four years, they all made an approach to waterfall model. The main drawbackswere found in the traditional method and this method has affected to the project success. For this reason, the company director will adopt a development methodology for new software. The next evidence that support Client A is the case study of the company were they offer some solution and also some services of the software for every businesses and customers that are in the market that supply business software.Therefore, for a best quality product they have provided innovative solutions and ideas that where revolutionary(Burmeister, Lttgens and Piller 2015, pp.1-31). They have ensured the satisfaction of the customer and paid high attention to the concept that are customer-oriented. After being offering innovative, friendly and adaptive products to the customer, the approach made to waterfall model lead to some limitations of the flexibility and optimization. This limitation had prevented from reaching the process of development. The CEO then took the agile methodology part that is the Scrum so that the working model problem can be addressed. If a comparison is made with the agile and the traditional method, the most suitable would be the Agile method. The main reason for this is that the project duration will be shortwith the development of the software.The customer satisfaction increases with the implementation of agile method. This serves some solution for the rapid changes of the project requirement.The project has then managed with the different stage of the stage-gate model(Cooper 2016, pp.21-29). From the above report, it has concluded that the concept adopted by Adam for the Agile Methodology is justifiable for the project of IT. For the project life cycle, it usesintegration that is continuous and iterative or uses a planning phase. By using this methodology, the satisfaction of the customer increases with collaborative measures. Thus,development methodology of agile is more feasible and preferable. References Abrahamsson, P., Salo, O., Ronkainen, J. Warsta, J., 2017.Agile software development methods: Review and analysis.arXiv preprint arXiv:1709.08439. Burmeister, C., Lttgens, D. and Piller, F.T., 2015. Business Model Innovation for Industrie 4.0: Why the Industrial Internet Mandates a New Perspective on Innovation.vol. 0, pp.1-31. Cooper, R.G., 2016. AgileStage-Gate Hybrids: The Next Stage for Product Development Blending Agile and Stage-Gate methods can provide flexibility, speed, and improved communication in new-product development. Research-Technology Management, 59(1), pp.21-29. Usman, M., 2016.Diminution of Issues and Challenges when Using Scrum in Global Software Engineering.International Journal of Technology and Research, 4(2). Zahedi, M., Shahin, M. Babar, M.A., 2016.A systematic review of knowledge sharing challenges and practices in global software development.International Journal of Information Management, 36(6), pp.995-1019

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Quebec Essays (1096 words) - Politics Of Quebec, Quebec,

Quebec Quebec's Quiet revolution: What is it? How has it changed Quebec's society? How has it affected Confederation? The English-French relations have not always been easy. Each is always arguing and accusing the other of wrong doings. All this hatred and differences started in the past, and this Quiet revolution, right after a new Liberal government led by Jean Lesage came in 1960. Thus was the beginning of the Quiet Revolution. Lesage had an excellent team of cabinet ministers which included Rene Levesque. The Liberals promised to do two things during the Quiet Revolution; one was to improve economic and social standards for the people of Quebec, and the other was to win greater respect and recognition for all the French people of Canada. The Liberals started a program to take control of hydro-electric power companies. French-Canadian engineers from all over Canada returned to Quebec to work on the project. Slogans during these times were "we can do it" and "masters in our own homes". T he government also started to replace programs the Church previously ran, which included hospital insurance, pension schemes and the beginning of Medi-Care. For these programs, the Quebec Liberals had to struggle with Ottawa for a larger share of the tax dollars. One of the greatest reforms was the modernization of the entire school system. The Church used to own the schools of Quebec. Most of the teachers were Priests, Nuns and Brothers. They provided a good education but Quebec needed more in business and technology. Lesage wanted a government-run school system that would provide Quebec with people in engineering, science, business and commerce. With the new freedom of expression, lots of books, plays and music about French culture were all developed in Quebec. French contemporary playwrights were very famous during that time. However, not all was going well in Quebec. The French-English relation was going bad. Many studies showed that French-Canadian Quebecers were earning the lo west wage in all of the ethnic groups in Canada. Other complaints were that the top jobs in Quebec were given to English speaking Canadians. Canada was going through the worst crisis in its history, and unless equal partnership was found a break-up would likely happen. Some Quebecers thought that separation was the only solution. They thought that as long as Quebec was associated with the rest of Canada, French-Canadians would never be treated equal. The FLQ (Front De Lib?ration Du Qu?bec) was founded in 1963. It was a smaller, more forceful group of separatists. They were a collection of groups of young people whose idea was to use terrorism to achieve independence for Quebec. The ALQ (L'Arm?e de Lib?ration de Quebec) was even more of a violent separatist group. Some of their actions included robbing banks in order to get money. For their ammunition they had to raid arms depots of the Canadian Armed Forces. There were many Federalists that believed that separatism had no future and that French-Canadians could play a role in a bi-lingual Canada. There were three Quebec men that believed in Federalism. These men were Liberals and their names were Pierre Trudeau, Jean Marchand and G?rard Pelletier. The President of France, General De Gaulle came to Quebec in 1967 and gave speeches to separatist groups that deemed him an enthusiast of the thoughts of the separatists in the struggle to fight for the liberation of Quebec. The Prime Minister at the time, Lester B. Pearson, criticized De Gaulle's remarks and said that Quebec belonged to Canada and there was no need for their liberation. In 1970, British Trade Commissioner James R. Cross was kidnapped by FLQ and wanted in return for Cross, 23 political prisoners. Quebec Labour Minister, Pierre Laporte was also kidnapped which started a Quebec crisis. After a few months Cross returned when Laporte was assassinated. The Quebec crisis ended several years of violence in Quebec. This crisis made many Quebecers upset becaus e Ottawa sent the army into Quebec. Therefore English-French turmoil did not end. Rene Levesque was a leader who became very popular in Quebec with his views on independence. In 1976, Rene Levesque and the Parti Quebecois won the Provincial election. Now many Quebecers thought he could build up Quebec. Since many French

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Essay Sample on Educational Administration The Rationale of the Study

Essay Sample on Educational Administration The Rationale of the Study Most educators, parents and community members want their schools to be good ones, so school improvement is a major function of educational administration. It is necessarily an ongoing activity because past successes are no guarantee of future ones. School administrators typically care about students and want to help them. But caring, although important and desirable, is by itself not enough. The basic problem is how to keep a school moving in direction that will actually benefit the students. Improvement has desired two main elements: the choice of desired directions and aims, and strategies for attaining them. The selection of directions can be made in a number of ways, including and considering photo philosophical values, exploring educational goals and objectives. The direction finally chosen will depend on its relevance in terms of desired ends. Furthermore, it should also be based on its feasibility as determined by the examination and analysis of the implemented strategies. Today, education administrators find themselves leading organizations and groups across a rapidly shifting landscape toward new destinations. These professionals are increasingly more diverse and challenged to deal with undefined problems, grapple with theoretical and emotional issues, and make decisions so new that the organizational consequences are unknown. Furthermore, educational administrators must help individuals and groups make sense and increased meaning in often fragmented, overwhelming, and fast moving situations characteristic of the new era. In the face of these demands, tertiary academic administrators of Immaculate Conception College – La Salle do realize that they can no longer rely on traditional management techniques to satisfy the requirements of their roles – they must draw on a deeper source of guidance, strength and influence. This can be attained by revisiting their roles and reinventing their communication patterns and decision making capabilities to enable them to create suitable structures that adapt to the changing landscape of the academe. This research examines Immaculate Conception College – La Salle’s administrators’ roles, their communication patterns and decision making capabilities to be able to cope with the new trends of the future. Hence, this study was conducted. This is a sample Education essay written by one of our academic writers. If you want to order a custom essay, research paper, term paper, thesis/dissertation or other written assignment contact our company to get professional academic writing help.

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Television in UK Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Television in UK - Research Paper Example People over 65 spend five hours a day watching TV perhaps because certain channels are free for them. Most of the adults between 24 and 65 that spend time on the television, are not actually watching the programs or the ads but are doing some other work simultaneously like talking on the phone or surfing the internet. The three main activities that take up the day include sleeping working and watching TV and men are more likely to watch TV than women. Adults over the age of 16 spend under three hours watching the television and the 24-65 year olds fall under the same category of viewers. The following chart shows that watching television is the most common activity by most people in the UK: According to this, 66% of the adults between 25-64 years of age watch TV regularly, while a higher percentage watches the heritage TV among the 45-64 age groups than those between 25-44 age groups. With the reduction in television viewing, naturally the advertising on television also suffers. With switchover to digital TV all the households will have access to multi-channel and this will affect the viewing behavior. it is expected that over the next decade multi-channel TV viewer ship will increased while the BBC and the traditional channels will decline. It is expected that the position will be thus: UK television advertising is regulated when it comes to minutes per hour and hence the cost of advertising increases. The TV advertising market has two differentiated products - advertising on the traditional commercial channels (Channels 3, 4 and 5) and the multi-channels which includes all other commercial channels. Due to economic conditions and declining audiences, the advertising revenues have declined. There has been a shift from traditional channel viewing to commercial multi-channel viewing which has also impacted the value of TV advertising revenues. The TV has also reduced in its attractiveness as an advertising medium. Because of declining audiences the price of traditional channel advertising has received a boost which means it costs more to deliver to the same audience (PWC, 2006). The advertising budget remains the same but the impacts are fewer. At the same the trend towards watching multi channels is increasing and hence the costs become spread out. The cost of 30 seconds of television advertising now costs just '4.81 per thousand adults and this works out to 29pc cheaper than in 2000 (Mason, 2008). Digital spin-off channels are expected to increase their advertising revenue by ten percent but this will not be able to compensate for the terrestrial channel advertising like the ITYV1, channel 4 and channel 5. The most popular and traditional TV channels are ITV1, Channel 4 and Five and the cost of advertising is the highest for ITV1. Some of the most popular TV channels with the cost of advertising are: * itv1 + GMTV 48.5p * BBC ONE 35p * Channel 4 18.7p * Sat and cable 16.8p * BBC TWO 12p * five 7.7p * BBC THREE 2.5p * BBC FOUR 1.3p * S4C 0.3p Source: Glen, n.d. The television advertising revenue is expected to fall for all channels and by 6 and 7% for channels